The Mission of the College is to build up a catalytic centre in Rajasthan , from where would radiate creative thoughts and ideas in the sphere of l Education. Dedications, Skill improvements as well as foresights regarding imminent needs of Education are the components of high imaginations of this Teachers’ Education Institute. The competency areas will include the following:

Contextual Competencies comprising a wider view of the development of education in society and teachers’ role in it.

Conceptual Competencies- including various concepts of education and learning.

Transactional Competencies.

Competencies related to ICT (Information Communication Technology) based teaching learning.

Evaluation competencies.

Competencies related to community contact and co-operation for value components in Teacher Education. All these teachers’ competencies are to be developed during teacher training. Moreover, teaching being a profession, the following important areas of commitments will be covered in the teacher education curriculum: commitments to
1. the learner,
2. the society,
3. the profession,
4. attaining excellence for professional actions and
5. basic values. Thus the vision of college is to improve all the three major factors of quality concerned in teacher Education namely, input, process and output.