Practical Work Experience

       Pupil teachers handle the practical work experience with many other activities like -

MICRO TEACHING : - Session of micro teaching is organized to give training to acquire teaching skills in would be teachers . The skills are likely to be set induction or introduction , fluency in questioning , probing , stimulus variations, exampling, reinforcement, black board writing etc.

DEMONSTRATION LESSON BY SUBJECT EXPERTS : - Lessons are delivered by expertised teachers  and staff of the college to motivate the pupil teachers.

REGULAR TEACHING PRACTICE :-  To process a high sense of professional responsibility and to develop resource fullness so as to make the best use of the situation available , students take Internship lessons, 20 lessons in one subject offered by themselves in each year the capacity for thinking and working independently.

SIMULATED TEACHING :-  It is organized for practicing  core skills . Each pupil teacher has to follow the simulated teaching session.

OBSERVATION OF PEER TEACHING:-  Pupil teacher is supposed to observe at least 10 lessons taught by fellow teachers. Grade sheets provided to them for grading the fellow teachers

PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT OF THE PUPIL TEACHER :- Teachers Training programme are heavy in theory and practice. We emphasize equally on theory and practice as well. We also emphasize on the personality development of the pupil teacher. Attitudinal training given for positive approach and thinking.

INTERNSHIP: - To help further prospective teacher to develop competence, to foster the all round growth, Internship is an important part of training. Internship develop an understanding of the close relationship between society and the school between life and school work.

PRACTICAL IN AUDIOVISUAL EQUIPMENTS:-  Audio Visual equipment are devices present units of knowledge through auditory or Visual stimuli or both with a  view to help learning. Pupil teachers are exposed to compact interest. Apart from this they are also motivated to prepare computer presentations & teach with the help of capsules.

 YOGA, PRANAYAM ,ART & CRAFT, MUSIC , DANCE , GAMES AND SPORTS: -  It is followed regularly .

As teaching is not a mechanical process even the best curriculum and the most perfect syllabus remains dead unless quickened into life by the right ways of teaching and provisions has been provided for it by utility of participatory learning activities, small group discussion, seminars, library work, written assignment


Pupil teachers prepare self-made teaching aids in the college. Tree plantation programme held during both internship in respective schools and this programme was also held on world and national environment day. Short plays are played on the social themes to bring awareness for values as well as abolition of social evils. To remove superstition by Posters. Celebration of different Days, Greeting Card (Birthday, New Year, Deepawali, Teacher’s day etc.).Making best from waste materials, Literacy Mission. Religious Prayers are organized for unity integrity, brotherhood and communal harmony community services.


                         Practical work to be performed by each students

S.No. Item Essential (Numbers)
1 Lesson planning and teaching in real school situation including internship Forty lessons- Twenty lessons in each teaching subject
2 Lesson planning and Micro teaching in simulated situation Twelve  lessons- Six lessons in each teaching subject
3 Observation of lessons taught by fellow students wenty lessons- Ten lessons in each teaching subject
4 Criticism of Lessons Two lessons One lessons in each teaching subject
5 Case study & Psychology test 1 (one
6 Internship experience of school organization Internship (16+04 week) In B.Ed Two years
6 Field- specific community experience(SUPW) Five days



Out of Practice teaching lessons would be supervised fully by the teaching educators and feed back given to the students orally as well as comments in writing. Record of lesson planning, teaching and supervision would be maintained.


Lectures provide the structure of all undergraduate courses and offer a sound base for students’ independent learning. Many lecturers are at the forefront of their fields and discuss the latest developments in their area. Our college class rooms and lecture halls are well equipped with modern teaching aids like language learning software in ICT Lab multimedia projectors and computers with Wi-Fi connectivity. The simulated teaching software’s and simulators which help the student to understand the process in highly visualized form.


Seminars and classes allow to students to explore a particular topic and are often less formal than lectures. Everyone is expected to contribute actively to the discussions.


Practical classes are an important part of teacher training courses. The practical sessions are ideal testing grounds for students to apply. While full -fledged labs are dedicated for Education, Departments.


Presentation is the most important part of any professional in the present teaching environment. Presentations are used to explain teaching, students, teachers, results, future plans, etc. Almost education field require a excellent presenter in there faculty as it is the one of most important part of every faculty & students.


Workshops and seminars are conducted on all topics to provide a platform for deliberation and knowledge sharing.


Constant mentoring is a part of the teaching methodology. The student gets every piece of advice whenever he/she faces a problem with any aspect of the curricula. The college faculty provides a extra problem solving session in the college remedial classes.


Required submitted work, including sessional work report of case study. This work gives students the chance to develop their skills in original research by testing out theories and advancing their own ideas.

Students are encouraged to take active participation in sports and games to develop a healthy body with sound mind. We have facilities for indoor & outdoor games. College organize inter college competition.


College believes in the potential development of the Pupil’s teachers through creativity. Talents in music, dance and other performing arts are also honed by monthly programmes and regular participation in inter-collegiate competitions.


Educational Tours are arranged by the college in worries historical places and they educate historical and geographical knowledge of students. It’s help pupil’s teacher to increase self knowledge.