College have all instructional facilities as per NCTE norms, 2014.  The details of available Instructional facilites are as below:-





College has following Laboratiries/ Resource Centres for providing the practical training of pupil teachers as detilas below :-

Curriculum Lab.

           Curriculum lab. consist the following three section of labs as details below:-

 Science & Mathematics Lab.

The College has well equipped and furnished PhysicsChemistry and Mathematics laboratories to facilitate student teachers to enhance their teaching skills through experiments, demonstrations and live presentations.

Science laboratory are equipped with sophisticated equipment and lab tools serving all disciplines of pure science. Students get practiced using equipment and accessories effectively before they go for teaching practice.

The necessary equipment and materials are made accessible to the student teachers as and when required during the normal course of study and examinations. Experiments concerning with the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics up to tenth standard are available for the student teachers for practice.

The college aims at developing in the minds of the pupils the abilities of application, skills of experimentation, construction and improving among them scientific attitude, interest and appreciation values.

 Psychology Lab.

The college has a psychology lab with latest psychological tests and inventories. The well equipped psychology lab, consisting of different psychological equipment, charts, experiments, tests etc. It helps students to understand the psychology of children, adult or any other social member. It actually helps students, teachers to give qualitative output to the society.

Our Laboratory has Apparatus for Simple experiments related to educational psychology test as detilas below:-

Intelligence Test (Performance, Non-Verbal or Verbal)
Aptitude Test
Creativity Test
Personality Test
Attitude Test
Interest & Inventories Test
Charts, Models & Maps

 Geography & Social Study Lab.

As Geography is one of the important subjects in secondary and higher secondary level, college has introduced this subject as method and content papers to mitigate the needs. A well- equipped laboratory with modern sophisticated geographical equipment, maps, models, globes etc are provided to the students for their practical’s.


Art & Craft Resource Centre

     Art & Craft  resocure centre consist the following three section of labs as details below :-

 Art & Craft Lab
 Teachers’ training course includes hand work, art, craft or preparation of teaching apparatus and appliance etc. So the institute possesses an Art and Craft resources centre to facilitate the students

 Music Lab.


ICT Resource Centre

     ICT resocure centre consist the following section of labs as details below :-

 ICT Centre

This lab comprises of various equipment like LCD Projetcor, Over-head projectorSlide projectorTelevisionTape recorderRadio and Audio-Video aids like charts, models, maps, globes, pictures, slides and transparencies meant for effective teacher training. Public address system is available. Student teachers are given training in handling these equipment and using them in making teaching effective. Student-teachers take keen interest and take the help of ICT in preparing lesson plans, teaching aids and delivery of lesson. Student teachers make their lesson plans on word processor and also prepare power point slides to deliver their lessons during micro teaching. The student- teachers present their seminar through transparencies on OHP.

 Computer  Lab.

The institution has an advanced education-cum- computer lab, which provides computing facilities. The lab comprises of computers linked with wide range of software like MS office, including dictionary. Communication and printing services are also available. The software setup has latest version of Windows. Broadband connection for Internet is there in the lab. Software in the  form of CD’s based upon various subjects like linguistic skillschildren with special needs, information and communication technology,  health and fitness, value education, environmental education, teaching and teacher behavior are available. Institution also does video  recording of micro teaching and real teaching practice lessons presented by the student teachers. This lab comprises of advanced educational technology equipment which contribute a lot in modern teaching – learning practices.

 Language Learning Facility

Language Lab is the platform to learn language for the student. It helps to develop reading, writing and besides that specially listening and speaking skills. It helps to improve  pronunciation of any language. Institute has different CDs, MP3 and Cassettes regarding contents English Speaking, GK, Personality Development etc.


Health & Physical Education Resource Centre

    Health & Physical Eduication  resocurce centre consist the following section of labs as details below :-

 Health & Physical Centre

 Yoga Hall


 Sports Facility


Audio Visual Lab:–
The College possesses a good number of audio-visual aids. A good collection of latest software, C.Ds. LCD projector, slide projector, O.H.P. , A.V.Aids, and audio & Video cassettes on different subjects are available for the students’ education as learning resources. In addition, the college students shall also have access to the Computer Lab with internet connectivity.

 Multimedia Facilities

The college is well equipped with LCD along with a computer installed in the Lecture Hall for use by the staff and students. The college also has Overhead Projectors, Audio Equipment, a VCD Player and Television, and other equipments which are often used in the teaching-learning process.